Lactic Acid Resurfacer

Great for sensitive and rosacea skin, and irritated skin. Also soothes irritated acne and safe for oncology care.

This resurfacer rejuvenates sensitive skin while offering gentle exfoliation. This treatment calms redness, soothes delicate skin, reduces broken capillaries and lifts fine lines and wrinkles all while improving texture, hydrating and brightening dull skin.


  • Provides gentle, yet effective exfoliation
  • Improves fine lines, wrinkles and rough texture
  • Refines skin, creating a smoother, softer appearance
  • Brightens and restores dull, lifeless skin

*Disclaimer: All treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent. Results differ from person to person and the likely effectivity will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guaranteed.

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