Summer Papaya Mask Facial

Step away from the summer heat and treat yourself to our summertime luxury facial featuring our papaya mask. This intensely nourishing treatment uses the best of Dermaquest, providing rich nutrients to nourish skin depleted from the sun. Gentle exfoliants featured in our luscious summer papaya mask include Hawaiian papaya and a blend of fruit extracts of watermelon, peach, apple, apricot, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, lime and orange and California honey to hydrate and nourish. Your skin will feel smooth, bright and energized, a perfect treatment for a radiant summertime complexion.

This facial repairs damaged skin, hydrates, nourishes energizes and softens the skin and gently exfoliates for a smother texture and tone.


30 minute treatment – £40.00. Course of 6 – £200.00

60 minute advanced treatment – £68.00. Course of 6 – £340.00

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